Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween is coming - Oh, the HORROR!

We're approaching the downhill slope of the "eating season" - Halloween, Thanksgiving and all the holiday parties. The time of year where the pounds slowly creep on and stay put till we decide we've had enough come January and start the two-week workout binge and then stop. I'm not ready to throw away all of my hard work these past two months for some candy and stuffing. Fun size candy bars? I don't think it's fun being a size 14. So, I've come up with a few suggestions on how to ditch the candy bucket and get your kids on board too.
Try buying these candy treats instead of the usual stuff. They're not exactly healthy, but they contain less sugar, calories and fat than other options:
3 Musketeers, Fun Size
Spangler Dum Dum Pops
Tootsie Rolls
Chewing Gum
Now & Later
Reese's Bite Size Peanut Butter Cups

Remember, Halloween is a one-day event. The more candy you consume, the more addicted you'll become to junk food - that's right, it's addictive! I don't buy candy and when my kids get some from school or birthday parties, they get one piece and then the rest goes in the trash!
I'm going to allow my kids to have two treats on Halloween night, then place all their candy in a bowl by the front door. My neighbor Amy told me of this great trick: Place your candy at the front door the night of Halloween, the more candy, the bigger the gift from the Ghost of Halloween. The next morning, the kids wake up to find their candy has been replaced by a small toy, coloring book, puzzle, etc...whatever their favorite toy might be.
Now what do you do with all that candy? No, don't hide it from your kids and sneak a piece every now and then! Get it out of your house! Several dentist offices offer a candy buy-back program, offering $1 per pound of candy. You could also donate unopened, heat-resistant candy to U.S. troops stationed abroad. For details, go to  I also found this great website called I love the density rainbow using Skittles!
See you later, I'm off to buy my Dum Dums!

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