Thursday, October 18, 2012

From a Sixteen to a Six

     Today marks a historical day for me. I finally hit the 50-lb mark! When I started this clean eating journey two years ago, I never ever thought I was #1, that heavy and #2 that I could lose this much weight! I'm now smaller than I was when I met my husband fifteen years ago. However incredible the weight-loss is, it doesn't compare to how AMAZING I feel these days.
     Earlier this week I was speaking to a group of moms. I shared with them my "before" photo and spoke about the mom in the picture. I didn't recognize myself. I had forgotten how crappy I used to feel and that I usually couldn't make it through the day without a nap! Gone are the headaches, the migraines, the allergies, the high cholesterol, the frequent colds, bronchitis and sinus infections. Gone are the days of having no energy and feeling like a fog surrounded me. Gone are the dreaded trips to the mall to try on clothes to hide bulges and muffin top!
     Now I am prescription-free, full of energy and loving my new sexy body! I had an amazing time shopping for new clothes the other day! I tried on 8's and they were too big, so I grabbed the 6's! WOW! I was a size 16 two years ago! And what's even more amazing is that I am slowly still losing weight and firming up my abs and arms. Don't worry, I'm not going to become super skinny, I love food too much! But I still have some trouble areas, (my thighs!!) and they are next to go!
     The first 40 pounds was easiest to lose. I followed my weight-loss plan (yes I have a plan). But then, I was stuck for several months, hovering around a 40-45 lb loss. So, I did some research and found that we can carry up to 5 pounds of toxins in our body! I did a full house detox...from my make-up to cleaners to soaps. Then, I did a 7-day detox for my body. I ate raw soups, salads, tonics, smoothies and off the weight came. I'm still doing the detox, so I may even lose a few more pounds.
     Does this sound like something you want for yourself as well? Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to lose weight and feel healthy every day? As most of you know, I am now a Health Coach, receiving my education from the world's largest nutrition school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I have learned a tremendous amount of information about food, our bodies, optimal nutrition, fitness, how to lose weight, how to manage stress, and basically just how to feel so much better.
     Next month, I will be unveiling a Weight Loss Program that you can do where ever you live. I am also available for group speaking, corporate wellness and one-on-one health coaching. I do workshops on Detoxing, Kicking the Sugar Habit, Stress Management, Going Unprocessed and more! I also have a special on my Fall Detox right now.
     Visit my website, for more info or email me at When you sign up for my monthly newsletter, you will receive a copy of my FREE ebook, "The #1 thing you can do to improve your health today." I look forward to hearing from you.                                                                                                                                      

This is me, 181 lbs, on a low-fat diet of convenience foods!
This is me, 131 lbs, on a full-fat diet of whole foods!

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