Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 4 - Day of Emotions

Today was Kindergarten orientation for my oldest. What a roller coaster of emotions! I'm truly not ready for her to be gone all day, every day. As I sat listening to the Principal's welcoming speech, my mind drifted off. "How can I postpone this? How can I get her to stay home? Can I really home school?" Ha! My Dad would chuckle at that last thought. I was terrible in math! All that weeping and sadness made me want to hide in the closet and eat a bag of cookies! You may laugh, but I have done that before. Raising two children close in age (mine are 19 months apart) was the biggest challenge of my life.
Emotional eating is one of the main reasons a lot of us are overweight. As we get older, we lose that ability to eat only when we are hungry and we don't stop when we are full. My children know to stop when they are full. But I occasionally find myself saying, "just two more bites" or "finish your chicken." I grew up with the FYPC - better known as the Finish Your Plate Club. I was always told that "children are starving in Ethiopia." You too? Well, it's time to get back to listening to our bodies. I'm going to start tonight. When I'm full, I will stop eating and pack up what is left. This is going to be a tough change for me. When I eat something so yummy that I can't stop, it's like a frenzy of emotions. My senses do a happy dance and I don't care that my pants button is about to pop off. Ok, so that's your homework for today - eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Easy, right? I know, don't give me that face. It's going to be tough - believe me!
Food today - cereal for breakfast, Subway Turkey sandwich for lunch, cashews for snack, grilled pork chops and baby spinach salad for dinner. I'm down 2 lbs! 28 more to go! Woo-hoo!

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