Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day ?? - I'm not sure - lost track!

OK, bad me. I fell off the writing wagon for a week. However, that doesn't mean I went back to my old ways. I've still been eating fairly well (minus a couple emotional eating infractions) and I even started exercising. My oldest daughter started Kindergarten and it was heart-wrenching. Then, my youngest was an absolute terror under my feet all week. I had to find constant activities to keep her busy. She was sad too. Luckily, I only ate bad one day. You have to treat yourself once and awhile or we'd all go crazy!

So - on to the good things. I'm starting up a little exercise boot-camp in my basement. Years ago, I used to be a personal trainer and taught aerobics classes. I majored in Health & Physical Education. I wanted to teach people how to keep in shape and what they needed to eat to stay healthy. Boy have I strayed from that! But I'm back on track now. So, starting September 21, I'll be sweating it out with the neighborhood gals in my basement-turned exercise studio! I can't wait.

Meals have been pretty good. My new go-to sandwich for lunch is turkey, cheese, baby spinach leaves and cucumber with a smidgen of light mayo and lots of mustard. Tonight we had Chicken Tacos - grilled chicken with sauteed yellow and red bell peppers with black beans. I saute the peppers with a little cumin, garlic, salt and pepper and do the same with the chicken. We stuff that with the black beans into a corn tortilla topped with the homemade salsa I canned a few weeks ago! Yummy!

My canning experiment went pretty well. I had never canned anything in my life, but I wanted to try. I had a huge bag of hot peppers from my Mom's garden, a 45-lb box of tomatoes from the Farmer's Market, along with cilantro, onions, sweet peppers, garlic and a little green onion. I also made tomato sauce and Raspberry jam, using berries from my neighbor's yard. (I was lucky enough to house sit for them while on vacation. Somebody had to pick the berries or they would all have gone to waste!). I did share my bounty with them. I also froze several pounds of fresh green beans. Frozen veggies are really much better than canned, so I blanched and packaged up several for this winter when green beans are more expensive and not local. You should try it next summer. Hell - if I can do it - anyone can!

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