Thursday, January 5, 2012

Facing your Fitness Fears

All the clean eating in the world won't help you lose weight, unless you exercise. I used to only like working out in a gym where I was motivated by the skinny bodies in my Zumba class. But, with a small child and no one to watch her while I worked out, I dropped the notion of a gym membership. Plus, I didn't want to spend all that money when I could work out at home for a fraction of a gym membership. Now, I'm not bagging all gyms, I love them and all the various machines I could contort my body into. But now, I've found peace and a ton of motivation by working out at home in my basement-turned-fitness room.
It didn't cost a lot of money either. I found a used stationary bike on Craigslist for $70, bought a pair of 5 & 7-lb dumbbells, a 10-lb. kettlebell and a yoga mat. Now, we did splurge on a mirror on one wall, but it was only $175. I also enjoy dancing and Zumba, so I plug my Ipod into a portable speaker and dance away - with nobody watching me!! 
My routine is simple and one that is so easy that I look forward to working out every day! As soon as I get up, the first thing I put on is my workout clothes. I drop the kids off at the bus stop and head down to the basement. I spend 30 min on the bike, do a little dancing and finish with some strength training and ab work. It's fun and I can be silly, sloppy, with hair disheveled...yet thinner! I also added a wipe-off board to the wall. I wrote down some inspirational phrases, photos of thinner people, some key exercises to do and my goal weight. They are stare at me. It's my "vision board!"

I really feel the key to working out is finding something you enjoy. I enjoy dancing, so I incorporated that into my workout. I also use the time on the bike to think, plan my meals, text friends, let my mind wander and next thing you know - I'm done!

So, ask yourself what do you enjoy doing? Is it yoga, running, riding a bike, swimming or taking a class with friends. The key is to do it and do it often, whether it be in a gym, at home or outside.
You may be faced with only a few pounds to lose or 50, but you can achieve your goals. I did it and I had never lost weight in my life - only kept steadily gaining. I have about 15 pounds to go to reach my goal weight! So excited!

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