Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Ultimate Food Table - Processed to Organic

Today I have come up with a table of foods – Processed to Organic. Our family now eats foods from the “Even Better” column. But, it wasn’t that long ago that I blindly went to the grocery store, tossed in the cheapest bread I could find, filled my cart with frozen meals, chicken nuggets, juice for the kids, cartons of fruit-flavored low-fat yogurt, fat-free mayo, cheese slices, lunchmeat and skim milk. I thought I was eating healthy by choosing low-fat or fat-free, drinking skim milk and eating 90/10 ground beef. Well, that life led me to Hypothyroidism, being 40 lbs. overweight, frequent migraines, multiple medicines, feeling sluggish, allergies, hip pain, strange pain in my legs, frequent illnesses and overall yuckiness. Now, a year and a half later, I can tell you that all of the above are GONE! I have practically cured my hypothyroidism, no more headaches or weird pains and I have lost 34 pounds thus far! My kids are drinking water, raw milk, and eating whole foods without added sugar and breading. They gobble up fresh fish, pork tenderloin, kale, raw nuts, and veggies galore! It is possible for your kids to eat this way too! Don’t get me wrong, it took some trial and error to find their favorite veggies and meats, but once you do, you’re golden! So, take a peek at the list and see where you fall.

Processed Food
Swap For
Even Better
Real Butter
Organic, or raw milk butter
Skim Milk
2% Organic Milk
Raw Milk or Unsweetened Almond Milk
 Flavored fruit Yogurt
Plain Yogurt w/ Honey or fruit
Raw Milk or Org. Greek Yogurt
Vegetable/Canola Oil
Sunflower Oil or Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Roasted, Salted Nuts
Unsalted Nuts
Raw, unsalted nuts
Frozen Fish Sticks
Pan-fried Fish
Grilled, baked, poached fish with herbs and spices
Hamburger meat
Hormone/antibiotic-free Beef
Grass-fed beef
Frozen Chicken (sodium solution)
Chicken w/o added sodium
Free-range, Organic Chicken
Canned Vegetables
Fresh or Frozen Veggies
Organic, fresh veggies
Flavored coffee creamer
Half & Half
Raw cream or milk
Nitrate/nitrite-free meats
Sliced turkey from the breast
Fat Free Mayo
Full fat Mayo
Homemade or Organic Mayo
Processed Cheese Slices
Full Fat Real Cheese
Organic, block of cheese
White Flour
Whole-wheat flour
Oat, Spelt, Gluten-free flours
White Rice
Brown Rice
Quinoa, Millet, Wild Rice
Regular Pasta
Whole Grain Pasta
Brown Rice or Spelt Pasta
Table Salt
Celtic Sea Salt
Himalayan & Celtic Sea Salts
Sugar, Artificial Sugars
Organic Cane Sugar
Raw Honey, Stevia, Z Sweet, Maple Sugar
Soybean Oil (in pkgd foods), added soy
Just Omit
Jar of Parmesan Cheese
Fresh block Parmesan
Organic, hard cheese
Jelly w/ High Fructose Corn Syrup
100% Fruit Jelly
Homemade jam, preserves
Soda, Diet Drinks, Juice
Sparkling Water, flavored
Plain Water w/  lemon
Packaged Mac n Cheese
Pasta w/ homemade cheese sauce
Whole Wheat pasta, w/ tomato sauce, herbs
Condensed Cream Soups
Make your own soup base w/ flour, butter, milk and add your flavor (celery, chicken, etc)
Use Organic ingredients, make homemade soup base & freeze
Peanut Butter
PB w/o hydrogenated oils
Natural butters with nuts, oil, salt (almond, cashew are good)
Frozen Chicken Nuggets
Go straight to real…
Homemade Nuggets w/ real chicken coated with Panko or ground almonds
Cereal made w/ Whole Grain, no sugar
Steel Cut Oats, Homemade Granola

If your diet is largely based off the foods in the first column, try swapping them out with foods from the middle column. You can work your way towards the right. You might be scared when looking at some of the items calling for full-fat and oils that you may not be used to using. But don’t be. We need fat and it keeps us fuller longer and gives us energy. When you eat foods that have the fat removed, they often replace the fat with sugar and mostly in the form of high fructose corn syrup. To find Organic, grass-fed meats and raw milk sources, visit and
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Until next time, Eat Real Food…


  1. Awesome, thanks for this post! I've been feeling overwhelmed & a bit frustrated with changing our diet completely over to traditional foods. You've helped me realize I don't have to do it all at once:)

    1. Thanks Anna! Best of luck to you and your family for making the best choice for your health! If you go back to the beginning of my posts, I made this journey in small steps as well.